14-Day Cold Shower Experiment: Method to Reduce Anxiety and Kick Start Your Day Strongly

Cold Shower to Reduce Anxiety

Science Behind Cold Shower

Recently, I read an article about how Cold Showers can reduce anxiety. It says that a study in 2008 revealed that 2- to 3-minute sessions of cold water showers at 68°F (20°C), one to two times per day can help reduce depression symptoms.

The science behind is that:

  1. Cold showers help release endorphins and decrease cortisol, a stress-inducing hormone
  2. Coldwater immersion can lower your heart rate by up to 15%
  3. When you cool down your body temperature, your system responds by moving fresh blood, thus improving blood circulation

The Experiment: 3-minute of Cold Water in Each Bath

It is suggested, when using hydrotherapy for anxiety, we should only use cold water for a few minutes at a time. We can then finish our shower with lukewarm water. So I choose to incorporate at least 3 minutes of cold water into my bath schedule for 7 days.

My Experience

  1. I started my experiment during my 7-day Chinese New Year holiday, where my hostel would automatically run out of hot water gradually after 10 minutes, so I didn’t have a choice at all😂 But I realized it would be easier to adapt to the cold shower if you add in cold water gradually.
  2. Now I run cold water in the last part of my shower for 3 minutes, where I’ll wash away all my shampoo and body wash. But I don’t just jump right into it, I try to add cold water bit by bit throughout my bath. The key is to reach the point of discomfort, then get used to it, and push slightly further.

The Result

  1. I started my experiment during a holiday, so I thought that might be the reason for my good mood, instead of the shower. But after I went back to work, and kept having a cold shower in the morning, I realized my overall mental state was better. I got less stressed and moody throughout the day.
  2. I now continue keeping my habit of taking a 3-minute cold shower in the morning and in the evening, and it becomes part of my daily routine.

Give it a try for 3 days!

Clap & leave a comment below on your result of cold showering.

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Personal Development Coach || Business Analyst in JD (China’s Biggest E-commerce Company) || Management Consultant Background

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Jason Kwan

Jason Kwan

Personal Development Coach || Business Analyst in JD (China’s Biggest E-commerce Company) || Management Consultant Background

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