3 Key Pillars of Life- Sleep, Exercise, and Eat Healthy

Dear Invisible Kids,

People always wanted the secret sauce to happiness. Sometimes the answer sounds too simple and obvious that we oversee it. Here are the key foundations for happiness: Sleep, exercise, and healthy food.

Whenever I feel exhausted, stressed, or frustrated, I always ask myself, “Did I have 8 hours of sleep? Did I exercise and sweat? Did I have 2L of water and good diet today?” Oftentimes, one or more of those 3 things aren’t satisfied. If we want to conquer the problems in the outer world, we need to first take care of our mind and body.

I had sacrificed so much sleep time for stupid activities, like scrolling through Instagram, watching porn, and playing dating apps. I realized that after 23:00, my self-discipline drops significantly, and start getting into self-sabotage mode.

I’m now practicing getting to bed right after work (around 22:00–23:00), waking up 8 hours later, and doing 20 push-ups before getting a bath. Guess what, I have no intention to sabotage my time in the morning. And I get to use that time to work on my side-hustle (like this blog post) and have so much more energy for the day. Go give it a try!

Did you kids sleep, eat and exercise well today?

I love you!


“Dear Invisible Kids” is just an idea of recording my life lessons for my future kids. If they exist in the future, great, they’ll get to know their dad. If they don’t, I guess they remain invisible forever😂. Hopefully, those messages would benefit someone in this world.

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Personal Development Coach || Business Analyst in JD (China’s Biggest E-commerce Company) || Management Consultant Background

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Jason Kwan

Jason Kwan

Personal Development Coach || Business Analyst in JD (China’s Biggest E-commerce Company) || Management Consultant Background

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