How to recreate a natural habitat for ourselves that makes us healthy?

As humans, we have 6 million-year-old hardware and 10 thousand-year-old software. But what if the lifestyle that we are having now actually doesn’t serve our hardware any good? Daniel Vitalis teaches us how to “rewild yourself” to stay healthy. Here is a presentation summary that Daniel had given to the Society members (Neil Stauss’s Mastermind Group).

Humans Are Degrading Via “Domestication”

Humans were hunter-gatherers, until around 200 thousand years ago, we start living indoors in a stable environment. We no longer need to move from one place to another, or find and eat wild food. “Domestication” simply means we start living indoor and having lifestyles…

How to Stay Strong and Become a Better Version of Yourself

Sitting outside the cafe for sunbath after surfing in the morning

I went to Hainan Province (“Sun-Moon-Bay”, Wanning) for 2 weeks of vacation. I learned a lot throughout the journey. And I think I came back to “the city” stronger and wiser. I consolidated 9 lessons that we could all apply in our lives. Enjoy!

Part A: Life Lessons from Surfing for 10 Days

Introduction to Flow State by Steven Kotler

What is Flow State? What are the benefits?

Flow state is optimal human performance. It is where your physical and mental performance goes off the roof. You gain 15% more strength. Top executives become 5 times more productive because their information processing and pattern recognition ability improve tremendously. Your creativity improves by 500% because you can take in more novel info and connect with old ideas, even in a lateral thinking fashion. You have less inner-critic and more motivation. You will learn faster with a more long-term relationship.

What are the symptoms of the Flow State?

Common symptoms of being in the flow, including slowing down/ speeding up of time, losing self-consciousness, and feeling great.

Flow State Explanation in Neuroanatomy and Neurochemistry

  • Neuroanatomy

12 Lessons on How to Manage Time, Energy and Attention by Chris Bailey

Chris Bailey & His Book “The Productivity Project”


The notes below are summarised from a 4-hour presentation by Chris Bailey to The Society Group (Neil Strauss’s Secret Mastermind Group). Chris is the author of The Productivity Project: Proven Ways to Become More Awesome.

Disclaimer: Chris’s productivity hacks aren’t something that you’ve never heard of. Most of them you already know, but common sense doesn’t equal common action. I’d advise you to implement 1–2 productivity tips per week. Only take what works for you, and leave the rest.

Productivity is no longer how much you produce. It’s how much you accomplish. Accomplishments are what matters at the end of…

How to do effective marketing, avoid bankrupting ideas, and building successful relationships with others

This is a summary of Joe Polish’s presentation on Business Acceleration for The Society Event held by Neil Strauss.

He covers the following topics:

  1. Create your own Bio Video: Why everyone should have a bio video for themselves?
  2. 7 money getting marketing ideas: including how to write effective sales letters and how to hold high-end contests etc.
  3. 7 ideas that will bankrupt you: Avoid common pitfalls in business and life
  4. Magic Rapport Formula: how to build great relationships with others

Have a bio video for yourself

The video (around 2 minutes) should build anticipation and manufacture credibility. It could be played before your presentations. …

17 Ways Rich People Think & Act Differently from The Poor (with practical exercises)

Quick Intro

  • This is a book summary of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth by T. Harv Eker.
  • This book is based on the premise that “If you want to change the fruits, you will first have to change the roots. If you want to change the visible, you must first change the invisible.”
  • This is a summary of the 17 mindsets of the Rich. Go through each of them and follow the action steps. You will see a dramatic change in your wealth.

Mindset #1: “I’m the creator of my life”

  • You take full responsibility for your life. Stop complaining about your life. …

Questions for Jason Kwan

Q1: How is your life recently?

  1. Career: Working as a consultant that focuses on digital transformation. Originally we were a team of in-house consultants for SF Express, now we help the company to deliver Digital Supply Chain solution for external clients like Starbucks. Probably getting a promotion to managerial level by CNY.
  2. Side hustle: Just finished writing a book on long-term relationships. Will be on Kindle soon. Also writing articles on Medium as well.
  3. Health: Work out once or twice a week… but I should exercise more.
  4. Relationship: Dating someone I really like for 3 years. Not sure how to balance career location and living location…

Leadership and coaching is a skill set. You might be a star player in your company with all your executions. But when it comes to delegating work, motivating and leading your teammates. It’s another story.

Here are 6 tips on how to coach a new employee at your company.

1. Be clear on the deliverables

Tell the new employee exactly what to deliver (end goal), when’s the deadline, and why is this task important. It would be helpful if you could breakdown the tasks for them at the beginning as well.

2. Give them as many references as possible

Give them frameworks, templates, or examples of your past work. Building from scratch is hard…

3 Attributes of Mckinsey Way of Problem Solving

Consultants who succeed love to solve problems. A part of them is always asking, “Why is something done this way? Is this the best way it can be done?” They are fundamentally skeptical about everything.

As a management consultant led by ex-Mckinsey partners, I have learnt how to solve problems in the so-called Mckinsey Way.

The Mckinsey way of problem-solving process has three major attributes:

  • Fact-based
  • Rigidly structured
  • Hypothesis-driven

Attribute #1: Fact Based

Facts builds credibility, because your client knows you are not advising them based on gut instincts.

Having drawn up an initial hypothesis for the problem, the team races to gather the…

A long-distance relationship is not easy. You don’t get to see, touch, or talk to your partner in person. It makes it harder to feel intimate in the relationship. The key to a long-distance relationship is that you make your partner feel that you still love them and miss them despite the distance.

1. Getting In Touch Every day

Every day when you wake up or go to bed, send a text to your partner. A simple “Good morning” and “Good night! Sweet dreams!” every day reminds your partner that you are missing and thinking about them. Sometimes add in Video Calls through Zoom or Whatsapp…

Jason Kwan

Management Consultant with tons of Life Hack Strategies (Wealth, Health, Relationship)

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